Imani Quinn

Quantum Oracle


Imani is a Quantum Oracle with 15 years experience using oracle decks, 5 years of dream work interpretation, coming from a lineage of intuitive women and she works within quantum healing. Imani was mentored most of her life by her mother who is a channel for spirit and an intuitive. Imani has most recently been working with a shamanic quantum healer, which has heightened her abilities to move within the quantum world. The intention of her work as a quantum healer and Oracle is to help others expand and shift their consciousness by harmonizing frequencies and identifying important aspects of the psyche through spirit communication of the past, present and future. She wants to help guide you so that you can live through the power of your own intuition and work with your energetic vibration and frequency for your souls highest purpose.


What you'll receive

A session with me will include a reading as well as a frequency healing. My intention is to help you expand your consciousness through quantum techniques that will help to harmonize and align your frequency through energy work. I will also be identifying important aspects of the psyche through spirit communication of the past, present and future to work towards your souls highest vibration and purpose. You will also have time to ask questions from your guides and past loved ones to help clarify and further you along on your path. 


What typically comes up

Energetic and physical ailments, with possible prescriptions to shift energy. Communication and guidance from your guides and past loved ones on direction that they're trying to illuminate for you in your life. I will work within astral/quantum dimensions to do frequency and energy work on you. It is typical that you may have a dream before your session where I come and work with you prior to your reading. The reading itself is set up with a peaceful environment and usually has an energetic release that happens. The challenging part of the work will be what energy is confronted after the reading, similar to a cold where all the symptoms are brought up and then need tended to. During the session I'll give you suggestions on tools and ways to deal with such energy when it arises. 

Ellen Bowles

Astrologer, Tarot reader


Ellen is an astrologer, healer, and tarot reader, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Her grandmother was the first person who introduced her to astrology, reading the local newspaper’s horoscope column and TV Guide astrology section to her, starting when she was in elementary school. Her grandmother also used an ouija board with Ellen during her summer breaks, communicating with the spirits in her house. The intrigue with the occult that her grandmother instilled in her early were the seeds that began her spiritual practice years later. Her search for religion through holistic therapy introduced her to Agape in Los Angeles, and encouraged her to fully embrace her spirituality. Ellen began with Oracle decks as a reader but switched to Tarot after being drawn to its deep astrological ties that resonated with her family history. She leads monthly virtual Full Moon workshops and offers individual astrology and tarot readings for clients, incorporating the two services into one experience. Ellen facilitates a Spiritual Doula program, assisting clients with building their own unique spiritual practice and supporting the activation of their own sacred divinity! She is also an artist who creates “goddess themed” art and has been showcased in Raw Hollywood and The Women’s Art Festival Los Angeles. 

Quantum healing session

with Imani

single session $300

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Birth Chart Readings

Ancestral Tarot


with Ellen

30 min $111

60 min $222

sliding scale upon request

with Ellen

with Ellen

60 min $350

sliding scale upon request

60min Birth Chart Reading w/custom Birth Chart Art


30 min $185

60 min $300

Ancestral Tarot Reading w/custom

Image Board

Sessions are available in person and virtually.  

We are very excited to provide a platform to share holistic wellness and spirituality practices with all of you. We are also available to book for events and speaking opportunities.


For Imani w/Quantum...

I had a Quantum reading with Imani earlier this year, what a beautiful experience it was! Imani has a kind, but powerful energy about her. I’ve been doing much work on myself over the last few years and couldn’t get through a blockage in my heart chakra. She pinpointed the root of the issue and why it had been such a confusing and challenging thing to work through, and what I could do to continue to work through it. Since the reading, I’ve seen a lot of shifts in myself and see how much more I’ve been able to grow in such a small amount of time. I am endlessly appreciative of her for that. -Anastasia Morrison, Florida 

For Ellen...

I've had my birth chart read before, but I felt this one with Ellen was a better experience by far. 

Ellen gave me an overview of all the terminology, which honestly made a big difference in getting a deeper understanding of my chart. (as it can be a lot to wrap your head around at times!) 

The information was thorough, and objective. Ellen was super helpful and took her time to explain all the questions I had about the chart and it’s significance. I felt like Ellen truly cared and was invested in it, you can tell she has a natural gift for this.       

I appreciated that she was thoughtful but still professional and not biased with the information. Highly recommend, and actually am thinking to gift for my boyfriend and sister. ~ Sandy, Los Angeles

For Imani w/Quantum...

My session with Imani was such an amazing experience that I will forever cherish. I felt so safe and protected from the messages that were received from my angel team. Throughout my life, I’ve felt a loss somewhere by not being able to meet my grandfather, and she received beautiful messages from him. As Imani was explaining each message, I felt so much love, light, and protection in my heart. Thank you Imani for helping me as I enter this new phase in my life, your guidance during our session was so helpful and I feel very hopeful for what’s to come. -Bailey Peraza 

For Ellen...

My biggest takeaway from Ellen's birth chart readings is that she is very knowledgeable about astrological signs and through using that knowledge and her intuition she can tell you how each characteristic pertains to you in your chart based on science and intuition. She also touches on things such as your chiron and your south and north nodes to incorporate your past life and childhood traumas into seeing how it affects your path moving forward. Ellen's astrological reading is probably the most immersive I've had, in that it delves into the traditional aspects of Astrology but also ties in many spiritual elements as well in a very tangible way. During her tarot sessions she creates a very integrated and dynamic experience by tapping into the cards, her intuition and what body sensations she is picking up on. Ellen is definitely very clairsentient, which is so helpful in affirming what the cards had to say about my reading and really helped me feel confident in the information she was providing me. I recommend Ellen for either birth chart or tarot because she is very connected intuitively, very grounded, she has confidence and conviction in her presence and is very conscientious in her delivery and how you receive it. ~ Imani, Los Angeles

For Imani...

Imani’s gifts and abilities are truly otherworldly. Earlier this year she read my cards and communicated a download that can only be described as purely magical. She predicted a marriage in my future that I could not have seen coming myself and truly tapped into another realm to communicate something that was headed in my direction and would change my life dramatically. I highly recommend checking out Imani’s gifts and what they have in store for you if you’re at all curious about tapping into your intuition, making a big decision in your life or even if you have no idea what you’re looking for. Imani has unearthed and brought to light aspects of myself that I’ll never be able to unsee and I couldn't be more grateful to have had her guidance in understanding how to integrate these parts of myself and move toward a more intuitive life path. - Wallis, Los Angeles

For Imani...

I had my very first reading ever (dove right into a 60-min sesh), and I had no idea what to expect! I was super nervous while heading to my session, but once I arrived, Imani made the whole vibe super calm and inviting, and I instantly felt comfortable. Being it was my first reading, I didn’t have any direct questions I was seeking answers from - kept it super open-ended. I don’t even know how to describe the type of spiritual awakening I had with Imani’s reading, but we covered so many aspects of my life — everything that I had subconsciously questioned throughout my life was shined through in the reading. It was better than therapy, because I barely had to talk. Lots of listening, lots of thinking, lots of inspiration to better my life. I left the reading with a fresh new perspective on literally everything, and was given actionable tasks on different ways to heal. I’m definitely booking another reading the next chance I get, but in the meantime — tuning into every episode of The Woke Mystix podcast. ~ Denise, Los Angeles

For Imani...

Imani Quinn is the only person I trust with my readings. Her intuition has been incredibly helpful during difficult transitions in my life. She speaks to my heart, and tells me something deliciously grounding in each session. Thru her confidence in me and the wisdom she shared, she helped me tune into my own intuition. I am beyond grateful for her and how she shares her clairvoyance with others! ~ Rebekah, Los Angeles

For Ellen...

Ellen facilitated natal chart readings for myself and a group of 10 friends for my birthday - it was such a fun experience! Ellen shares her knowledge of astrology in a positive and relatable way that puts everyone at ease. She did a great job holding the room and had personalized notes ready for each person to take home. We were blown away by how much resonated. It was such a unique bonding experience to do as a group and I highly recommend a reading with Ellen. ~ Elizabeth, Los Angeles

For Imani...

Imani is an amazing intuitive! Her energy is calming and full of wisdom. She makes you feel comfortable and safe while sharing the very personal experience of getting a reading. Imani does not rush her process, which I truly appreciated! She allows all the messages and ancestral guidance to come instinctively and intuitively. Her use of imagery and the way she uses all of her senses to interpret messages is what truly makes working with her a magical experience! You not only get the guidance you need or that you are looking for, you receive specific advice on how to use your own power and intuition to achieve your manifestations and heal yourself fully. I would suggest Imani as a reader to anyone who is looking for a completely transformative and divine reading! ~ Ellen, Los Angeles

For Ellen...

Having my birth chart read by Ellen was truly a gift.  All of the details and terminology associated with a birth chart can be SUPER confusing, but Ellen broke it down and explained it in a very simple and comprehensive way.  Ellen is not only a kind and gentle soul, but also extremely knowledgeable and wise, and the insights she shared have helped me (and continue to help me!) deepen my understanding of both myself and my purpose.  I am so grateful for the morning we shared, and for her guidance.   Thank you, Ellen!~ Kaitlin, Toronto