Spiritual/Holistic Businesses by City

Los Angeles CA

Liberate Emporium

House of Intuition

The Den Meditation

Spellbound Sky

Yoni Circle

Open Eye Crystals

The Green Man

Glitter Moon

Nu Botanicas

Agape International Spiritual Center

Ayurveda- RootedRasa


Radha Yoga

The Tree South LA

BLK Temple


Long Beach CA

The Salt Lounge​

ReCircle Home


Portland OR

New Renaissance Bookstore

Denver CO

Herbs & Arts

New York City

Namaste Bookstore


New Orleans LA

Haus of Hoodoo​

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  • The 4 Agreements- Don Miguel Ruiz

  • The Mastery of Love- Don Miguel Ruiz

  • All About Love-Bell Hooks

  • Divine Guidance- Doreen Virtue

  • Awakening Shakti- Sally Kempton

  • The Little Book of Saturn- Aliza Einhorn

  • Ask and It Is Given (Abraham Hicks)- Esther and Jerry Hicks

  • The secret language of birthdays and relationships

  • Sexstrology

  • The Goddess Guide: Exploring the attributes and correspondences of the divine feminine- Priestess Brandi Auset

  • Astrology for the soul- Jan Spiller

  • The Crystal Bible- Judy Hall

  • Independent Shadow Work Cartomancy Session-Tori Hartman

  • #ANotetoSelf Meditation Journal-Alex Elle

  • Today I Affirm, A Journal that Nurtures Self Care-Alex Elle

  • Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and Past-Life Therapy-Brian Weiss M.D.

  • Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself-Dr. Joe Dispenza

  • Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself and Light Up the World- Shaman Durek

  • How to Read the Akashic Records-Linda Howe

  • Magical Healing by Josephine McCarthy

  • Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit by Queen Afua

  • How Society Remembers by Paul Connerton



  • Healing with the Angels- Doreen Virtue

  • Goddess Oracle Deck- Doreen Virtue

  • Goddess Tarot Deck- Kris Waldherr

  • Earth Magic- Steven Farmer

  • Messages from your Angels- Doreen Virtue

  • ManzelB Tarot Deck

  • Adinkra Ancestral Guidance Cards

  • Neo Tarot- Jerico Mandybur


  • The Pattern, Astrology

  • Co-Star, Astrology

  • Daily Horoscope

  • Golden Thread Tarot

  • Moon Calender

  • Insight Timer, Meditation App

  • HeadSpace, Meditation App

  • Calm, Meditation App

  • Digit, Finance Saving App




  • Sarah Vrba, Moon Magic and Astrology

  • Unconditional Healing, Tarot

  • Divinely Feminine, Tarot

  • The Trap Witch, Tarot

  • Gemini Brown, Astrology

  • Michael Sealey, Guided Meditation

  • The Cash Flow Framework, Financial Planning Map


  • Chani Nicholas Astrology

  • Themoontarot

  • Serpentfire

  • TatianaTarot (Ep 10 guest)

  • Mysticmama

  • Thehoodhealer

  • evyan.whitney (Ep 13 guest)

  • beingxiana (Ep 23 guest)

  • cosmik_rainbow (Ep 16 guest)

  • la_brujas_box (Ep 28 guest)

  • browngirlswhobruja (Ep 30 guest)

  • indigovibez111

  • thefinancialdiet

  • the.holistic.psychologist

  • houiea (Ep 36 guest)

  • anjali (Ep 39 guest)

  • neumascape

  • jujuwebseries

  • _moonferguson (Ep 42 guest)

  • loveyourzenlife

  • danielahearn_

  • ashsu

  • betterbymichelle

  • holisticism

  • itsjujubae

  • trishesmusic (Ep 46 guest)

  • therootpause (Ep 51 guest)

  • ashsuu (Ep 55 guest)

  • osiris8_ (Ep 58 guest)

  • Jerico.Mandybur (Ep 60 guest)


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